Fit2lovelife is dedicated to providing clients with the ability to be able to enjoy their life to the full, and to feel happy, healthy and energized.

It is about helping people to be able to to feel and be the best they can be, it is not about quick fixes but about strategies that will last and ensure a healthier, happier you.

To focus on the individual, and design a programme tailored to the needs and requirements of each client. Whether that is through training, yoga, massage, nutrition or a combination it is about working with the client to come up with what suits them and fits into their lifestyle.
"Life is for living, and exercise should be fun as well as functional"
Ann de Jongh - Fit2lovelife


Algarve Fitness Trainer - Ann De Jongh, Fit2lovelife

Ann De Jongh
(00351) 91 320 26 21
Ann de Jongh: Ann is the oracle of Fit2LoveLife, after first qualifying in 2004 as a personal trainer she has extended her knowledge base through qualifications in Nutrition, Yoga, Pilate’s, Sports and Deep tissue massage and most importantly has earnt a diploma in functional movement. Ann takes a holistic approach…using her wealth of knowledge in all areas to get people who haven’t trained before up and running, clients who have injuries fighting fit again and getting clients to fulfil their potential and enabling them to be able to fulfil their life to the max….making them “fit to love life”.

Ann’s client list ranges from Premiership Footballers, Golf Professionals and amateur tri-athletes to clients recovering from serious medical conditions and “retirees” who still want to be able to play a game of tennis or a round of golf without repercussion! For some clients simply getting shoes on pain free has been an achievement!

Ann likes to keep herself busy and enjoys the outdoors, she is a keen golfer, and since living in the Algarve has managed to get her handicap down to single figures, She has recently learnt to surf, snow board and is now fully aware how being fit and flexible helps when learning new sports, and also alleviate’s the aches and pains that are often associated with new endeavours. For her quiter moments Ann enjoys taking her dogs for walks, practicing yoga and relaxing on the beach with a book.

”It is reassuring to know that when I visit the Algarve I have access to the same calibre of sports masseur as I am used to in the UK”
Paul Scholes, England International 1997 – 2004. Talking about Ann de Jongh in June 2011
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Yoga is a wonderful way of being able to get balance

What's On

Based at Quinta Bonita , a Boutique Hotel in the Western Algarve, the retreats we are running combine luxury in a beautiful setting, with a programme of Yoga and Nutrition sessions.

The retreats offer daily yoga, which will consist of an indulgent Yin Yoga class on the first evening, which is the perfect way to relax and allow the body to start to unwind.

The morning yoga is more dynamic, and will be tailored to allow for individual needs. Ann recognises that everybody is unique and every body moves in different ways, has different histories and so may need different postures. The classes are designed to stretch your mind and your body, within its limits. To learn to appreciate the stillness that occurs within and to feel how the body connects as we link the breath with the movement.

On the retreats there is also the opportunity to have a Nutritional consult. We want the body to feel awesome and balance, Yoga can nourish the mind and the move body, but it is how we eat that allows us to nourish the body, to create energy, to feel energised all the time. Learning how to listen to your body after you eat, to eat the foods that make you feel good , to give you the nourishment that is the right mix for your body is very important. It is all down to the individual again, finding the right mix of macronutrients and nutrients to allow this wonderful machine that is our body to function optimally.

By combining the mindfulness and movement from the yoga and the nourishment from your nutrition these retreats aim to leave you refreshed, energised and inspired to continue on your wellness journey.


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