Everyone needs a bit of Yin in their life to balance themselves. Yin is very much a practice based on acceptance, being passive and just allowing it to happen. Yin allows for some wonderful opening of the connective tissues (fascia) that surround the body and the strengthening and lengthening of the tendons, ligaments and joints (it can almost be seen as weight lifting for these).

It is very different to a typical Hatha yoga class. It is all done on the floor either sitting or lying down and the poses can be held for anything from 2 minutes to up to 8 or even 10 minutes. It is a great compliment to a current yoga or exercise routine, providing many benefits than can pass on to other areas.

Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to finish the day. The class is carried out seated, and it allows you to ease out the body, to feel the opening of the connective tissues, stretching into the ligaments and joints allowing them to slowly open up. A yin yoga class is all about encouraging the mind and the body to remain still, leaving the body with a real sense of deep relaxation.

To come and experience a Yin Yoga class they are held every Wednesday at 6.30pm in the Yoga Place in Burgau.