I began going to yoga classes with Ann, overlooking the beautiful beach of Burgau three years ago, having never tried any yoga before. It is for me a chance to slow down and reflect and to feel at one with my body and mind. Even though I don't go to classes as often as I might like I can feel that both my posture, my flexibility and my core strength have improved and the breathing exercises have hugely improved my ability to relax. Ann is a patient and inspirational teacher.
Jane Millward

"I go to Fit2lovelife yoga whenever we are on holiday in Portugal. I had not done any yoga before but it had been recommended to me to help with an injury. Ann is a fabulous yoga instructor. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable whatever their level of yoga experience. The setting is idyllic. It is so relaxing listening to the sound of the sea and the birds. I really wish I could attend more often.
Sue Dawson

I am soon to be sixty/60 as you know, and feel that this year all my painting achievements, have been possible because of yoga and training. Although I have been unable to attend classes this year due to family commitments, I feel that yoga and training has given me the strength and flexibility needed in moving around and carrying heavy objects. yoga is definitely a must, whatever age and especially the later years.
Sue Ollington