Trying to decide what to eat, when and why can be so confusing as we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about what is the best thing to eat for us to lose weight, feel fuller, feel healthier. It is no wonder that with all this information we struggle to find out what to do for the best.

Nutrition is the cornerstone to a fit and healthy life. With the incorrect fuel in our bodies, we will cough and splutter along, not running smoothly, If we are careful about what we put into our bodies, then we can turn our bodies into an efficient machine that will run well, and last us for a life time.

Good nutrition is not about faddy foods, or climbing on the bandwagon for the latest trends, it is about eating healthy, wholesome, “clean” food. Food that makes us feel great.

At fit2lovelife, we are concerned with eating food as fresh, and as close to its natural state as we can. No food from boxes, packages or filled with additives. It is about getting back to basics eating a good lean source of protein, plenty of fresh vegetables & fruit and drinking lots of water.