"Ann has been doing massage for myself and my family for the last 5 yeas when we come out to Portugal on holiday. It is reassuring to know when I visit the Algarve I have access to a sports masseur, of the same caliber as I'm used to in the UK." - Paul Scholes, July 2011.

"As I approached 50 I began to experience some joint aches & pains and general stiffness. I decided that circuit training/gym workouts were no longer a suitable option for me and joined Ann’s yoga group 18 months ago. I had done a little yoga in the past, but was really a newbie. Since starting ( I try to go at least twice per week), I have noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility, especially my lower back/hip area. Quite apart from the physical/mental benefits of yoga Ann has created an informal and fun class, which is enjoyable to attend, in the most beautiful setting overlooking Burgau beach." - Karen Martin

"When I moved to Portugal three and a half years ago, I weighed in at 82.5 kilos. I felt flabby, unfit and miserable. Ann introduced me to looking at what I was eating and making the changes necessary to start shedding the kilos. Ann put together a weekly training programme for me and over the first year I lost 26 kilos.

Ann’s training sessions are fun, varied and at times hard, but thoroughly enjoyable. Ann understands individual needs and tailor’s this into your pt sessions. After all, we’re all different!! Ann also put a training schedule together for me in the run up to the Lisbon half marathon in March this year.

Over the last two years I’ve kept up the sessions, feel fitter than I’ve ever felt and my nutrition is now on track, eating clean and healthy food.

I’ve occasionally attended Ann’s yoga classes based in Burgau, set in the most beautiful setting over looking the sea. Ann’s classes are wonderfully relaxing and informative. A super yoga teacher, paying attention to each persons needs and abilities, making adjustments as necessary. A delightful way to spend a few mornings a week.

And if that’s not enough, Ann regularly massages me. Releasing tight spots and manipulating areas in order to contribute to workout performance.I now weigh in at 61 kilos and with Ann’s continued sessions and guidance I have maintained this for the past year." - Zoe Sinclar – 42

"Over the last 2 years Ann de Jongh has been keeping me fit with her holistic approach to personal training. She has helped me lose weight; manage my injuries and adapt training routines to my lifestyle. I work with her directly for 3 months of the year and, between visits, she keeps me on my toes through email reminders and check lists.

Her kettle bell routine is fantastic. If you are time poor, have an aversion to running or just hate going to a gym, kettle bells are for you. It’s a focused, aerobic body strengthening programme which burns off loads of calories. Just what I need!

Ann’s new brand “Fit2lovelife” perfectly describes her ability to motivate and bring out the best in her clients. Her unique training sessions are challenging, uplifting and fun." - David Heys – France

"Ann is constantly encouraging, flexible to our ever changing needs, always responsive to our next big challenges – 5k, 10k runs and triathlons!!. She’s very personally focussed and gently persuasive!! Without doubt Ann knows her stuff, is great fun and a good pal too!”

“Having been previously a little daunted by the label ‘personal trainer’ frightened even, and maybe a bit put off, Ann has more than allayed our fears and convinced us we have made the right decision! So.. if you’re dithering…stop now and make the call!!! You won’t regret it!!" - Jill White and And Hansleman (delighted customers!!)

"At the age of 57, I had not experienced yoga before.In the past I had played badminton, belonged to a Keep Fit Class, also Pilates,.Since living here had tried Zumba, ugh! sooooo….Yoga, with you has been a great relaxing, energising and intuitive experience. I trust you. Every move we make I know that I am being monitored, I appreciate that, to the point that I also attend your Personal Training. Again, I trust that you will not push me further than my capabilities.I have been a client of yours for a year and a half, your Professionalism and interest does not alter, in fact you are constantly keeping awareness within your field/line of work." - Sue Ollington

"I find that Ann has the right balance between understanding my personal limitations but making sure she pushes every bit of my capacity to the limit" - Wendy Parker- Sales Director (retired)

"If you do what you are told and don’t cheat, Ann will drive you to get the best results in the best way." - Nick Parker- National Sales manager

"I have found the sessions to be very focussed to what I wanted to achieve. Ann is also great in keeping the programs varied and interesting and constantly changing even though I only see her when I am Portugal" - Martin Slumbers – Handicap 1

"Before you start exercise you don’t realise how much better you feel and how much more you can actually achieve. It is not always easy, but Ann always encourages me and will not let me give up! Like most people I need someone to push me a bit to achieve more and that someone is Ann for me" - Ewa Petterson – Sales Director

"Without Ann I would give in – she makes me do what I know I should do – she’s my willpower." - Richard Stead – retired