Personal Training

Ever lacked motivation to exercise? Know that you should be doing something but not sure what that is? Coming back from injury? Wanting to improve your sports performance? Want to be able to get back some of the flexibility you had when you were younger?

All these and many more are some of the reasons why people start to have one to one training.

You are unique and the way in which you train to reach your personal goals should also be uniquely tailored to you. Having one on one training sessions allows for this to be the case.

When planning a training session with a client, Ann will ensure that the session is geared around what the client’s goals are, and what their body can and can not do.

Small Group Training

Not so sure that one on one training is for you, or want to train with your friends? Small group training is a more affordable way to get a personalized training program and to know that you can still achieve your goals.

This is for groups of 2-4 people. It still allows for a lot of the benefits that one to one training does, but at a more affordable price. The training will not be as individualized as a one to one session, but with a small group it still allows for some individualization and also ensures that correct form and technique is used whilst exercising.