Last April I arrived in Luz for an "extended holiday", with morale low and weight high............... I decided to join Ann's circuit classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This turned out to be a great way to meet locals and new friends, as well as new faces visiting the area, to blast out an hour of exercise once the sun had cooled a bit. Instantly I enjoyed the atmosphere and type of exercise so much that I decided to make a concerted effort in terms of health and fitness throughout my stay and signed up for a course of personal training sessions. Ann and I met and discussed my goals and past injuries. We devised an action plan in terms of exercise and nutrition, which would help me reach my health and fitness goal in a sensible and achievable way, after all I was on holiday, you cant be good all the time.

Each week I continued to attend the circuit classes as well as my personal session and left my weeks menu plan with Ann for analysis, as a result I lost on average 4lbs a week and the change in body shape was clearly noticeable, toned up and ready for more, I became addicted. What I particularly like about the sessions is that Ann is a perfectionist and wasn't happy until my technique was perfect, this has made such a difference and has given me the confidence to train, especially with Kettlebells, on my own, knowing that I am not causing damage to my body.

Something very important to me, and most people, Ann makes her sessions fun, not a minute goes by without a laugh, no matter how hard the exercise. By the end of my "extended break" I was much happier with how I looked and knew that I was in a good position to maintain and continue the progress once I returned home. I always look forward to arriving in Luz and getting stuck straight back into training.

Lucy Kerr

As a retiree (now aged 62) I enjoy the good life in the Algarve but definitely lack the motivation to exercise on my own. When I first started PT with Ann 3 years ago my goal was to lose weight and improve fitness while exercising safely. My goals have changed as I’ve grown older and have a few aches and pains so now I’m more focused on maintaining flexibility, stamina and a healthy weight.

Ann provides me with a personal programme which has changed over time to fit my body’s changing strengths and limitations and my personal goals. Training with Ann is NEVER boring and there’s the added bonus of feeling good at the end of each session! And if I decide my aches or pains need a bit of TLC I can highly recommend a massage from Ann as it really hits the spot!

I’ve also attended one of Ann’s cookery sessions on Nutritious food and enjoyed a morning learning how to make healthy snacks that were very easy to make and all tasted delicious. I’m still using the recipes.

Helen Weaver

At 68 years of age I still play golf to a single figure handicap. Without the training and massage Ann has provided for the past few years I am certain that this would not be the case.

Richard Stead

I have been training with Ann at "Fittolovelife" on a 1:1 basis, twice a week for the past two years. Anne provides varied tailor made programmes to suit my age(68) and ability.

She focuses on good balance, upper body strength and exercises for breathing problems.

Since working with Ann my bone density has shown no signs of deterioration, in fact I have been taken off prevention medication.

With Ann as my PT I feel I have become physically and mentally stronger! Long may it continue!

Thank you Ann

Hilary Burgau